2. Yes, it is possible by specifying the BOM which the drawing view/balloon is looking at and using the drawing view option ‘Link balloon text to specified table.’ This is valid if the BOM is contained in a different sheet as well as in the same sheet of the part drawing view. The SOLIDWORKS Hole Wizard features have defined your holes and you use Smart Fasteners to quickly assemble the corresponding Toolbox Component into your Hole Wizard features in the assembly. Part Reuse – a manufactured part on a different size or different product line can result in two different part numbers being valid for the same item and will create unnecessary confusion when floor staff constantly sends memos to engineering that the wrong part number for this size of equipment has been specified. It is not transferrable back to the part files because it could be any number depending on how you sort your BOM or if used in another assembly, it may be a different number due to number of parts. It is crucial to assign your parts and assembly in SolidWorks with a number. I found that If i use standard ISO views the balloons work as expected, but still misbehave when using a custom view. You can capture the view orientation of your SOLIDWORKS part or assembly and save it for use in your drawing by using the New View command on the View Orientation dialog box. Items can be manually dragged up and down in the BOM by grabbing the number that appears when the BOM is moused over. By default in SolidWorks the order is based on the same order the parts are brought into your assembly. Access this command by using the Spacebar or View, Modify, View Orientation. Any idea what I am doing wrong? You don’t need a BOM or cut list (but it’s best if you add one anyway) Contrary to my beliefs, you don’t actually need a bill of materials (BOM) or a cut list on your drawing. Part name. Hello, I will be happy to get your feedback and advice regarding the best way to establish a BOM process in solidworks. But no biggie, it isnt a big deal for me to use the Config Name as the BOM part number and define that with the actual p/n. The answer to this is like many items in SolidWorks is open ended and has many different solutions and I am going to run you thru a few of these options.. Option 1 – Insert into New Part I am unsure why this is, but I may have to use 2 standard views as a workaround. The rpt,index is available only in the BOM table and in part IDs on the drawing. Don’t forget to link balloons to a BOM … When you have a multi-body part in SolidWorks the question that comes into play at some point is how do I make a drawing for each of the different bodies “parts”. It's really kind of odd on SW's part because when I link "PartNo" prop in drawing it uses my definition of "partno" but in BOM it uses the other options. Trying to edit this field directly will prompt a warning that doing so will sever a parametric link. This helps the users to identify where the parts and assembly fits into the hierarchy of the SolidWorks BOM. EDIT. The cause of the behavior is traced back to the SOLIDWORKS assembly model and a custom Named View. 1. SOLIDWORKS will use the same numbering system for the balloons, whether you have a table or not. Let’s set the scene. If you select Do not change item numbers in the BOM PropertyManager and you change the file name (for example, using Save As or Replace Component) within the referenced assembly, the BOM table retains the BOM item number of the original component being replaced.. You can define how to handle replaced components in BOM table. This order can be sorted by right clicking on the BOM and choosing sort. You’ve sourced the appropriate fastener in an online catalog for the purchasing department and even wrote a post-it note to remember to add the vendor and item number to the BOM. Imgur. (for the picture, I used auto balloon so i wouldn't have to find the floating parts.) Names of common parts such as screws and nuts are automatically labelled from the SolidWorks library. I went trough a lot of blog, papers, video, webcast... and all conclusion are the same : for the part number, incremental numeric value with a max of 7 digit is the must. In the tutorial video below, we’re going to take a look how to edit the description field in a Bill of Materials (BOM) table in a SOLIDWORKS drawing.