Use all your Dead Eye up here to make this part go by faster. When Dutch runs out of the compound, follow him. These do not need to be completed, and you can go to the ending without completing any of them. It also isn't particularly fun and most of the mission is just frustrating to play through. The glow is an indication that it is a special saveable hat. Go to inspect it and you'll be hit by some kind of dart. Chapter 5: Guarma. Get at least 70% accuracy with the Gatling gun. Collecting hats and masks is one such activity. Wait for them to stop, then line up a head short or, if you're having trouble with that, a body shot to wound them. With that in hand, you can easily headshot everyone running out of the cave and almost guarantee you won't miss a single shot. We want to save it for later on, so get through the fight without using it. None of the Pinkertons should see you since they'll be positioned elsewhere. You'll find all sorts of provisions here, and since you didn't carry any over from Chapter 4 you'll want some for the upcoming missions. With the ship down, you may now have a chance to escape. Worn Flat Cap The player is trapped on the island after the events of "Banking, The Old American Art", and returns to America following "Paradise Mercifully Departed" after which it can't be revisited. 14 Strawberry's Secret Moonshine - Mine Now. This is actually easier, because as long as they are within range you will lock on to them automatically by aiming. If so, immediately get off the Gatling gun. When the Dead Eye ambush starts, quickly tag the guy with the Gatling gun and one other guy in the head and then pull the trigger. Guarma Secret Island is based on CUBA in Red Dead Redemption 2. Enjoy the dialogue between Dutch and the others. There are a couple of other stranger missions you could theoretically do, but it is better to wait until Chapter 6 because that is when we will be doing some serious exploration. Stay close to Leon during this next segment. You only have a little bit of Dead Eye, so unless you are a great shot you should probably wait for them to stop running. It is also extremely important you target the hangman first before targeting the ropes. If you don't have Dead Eye, you can do the same thing. Once these guys are dead, Dutch will run through the gate. Guarma and Mexico DLC with the ability to fast travel by ship as Silly Nate said a few posts above. This way will definitely save you a couple of seconds, but you can still complete the mission using Dead Eye if your accuracy isn't great and it will save you time over missing shots. Complete the mission without taking any health items. You can either go to Saint Denis to try and start Icarus and Friends right after Fleeting Joy, or you can go do That's Murfree Country instead, which will wrap up the chapter. You have enough allies here that you won't be in too much danger, and even if you stand out in the open when moving up very few of them will be concentrating on you. Go talk to Charles and ask with him to ride with you north of Butcher Creek. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide is an extensive walkthrough that will guide you through all the main and side quests. Charles can ask Arthur for three different items: Moonshine - You can find a bottle of this alcohol when you are exploring the world, or you can buy it at any of the fencers (example in picture 1).Charles will give you fire arrows. There are roughly 12 total enemies on this run here, so you want a couple of chewing tobaccos on hand, and you should use them as soon as your Dead Eye gets low to quickly refill it. A great song will come on to set the mood, so sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a massive, sprawling adventure that takes us across a map bigger than any other Rockstar game.It makes sense that there are tons of mysteries lying in wait. It means “Dog Eats Dog”. There will be two marked points of interest on your mini-map. Not where the window is, but above that, at the absolute top where you should see some wooden platform sticking out. They are coming through a very small area in a huge group, and this is one of the few times in the entire game that dynamite is super effective at crowd control. Amazing since, like Guarma's outer areas, these parts of the main map were never meant to be seen. The shotgun is great for clearing them out once they get close and is a guaranteed single shot kill. It will count as alerting them and they will be able to kill you in one hit. I feel like Guarma was either "not enough" or "don't bother" territory. You start Chapter 5 completely outside of America and the map you know and love. Arthur will duck behind cover and you should stay there for the rest of the mission. 1 Description 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 Navigation Found on the porch at Caliga Hall, Gray’s Secret is the corpse of Tavish Gray. You need 15 headshots, but you don't need 15 enemies headshots. Good luck! RDR2 Guarma Exploration. The House is at the end of the trail to the west (left) of La Capilla. I did, so I made this detailed stilt house map mod to finally live out my days in a tropical paradise! Hercule is explaining to the gang that it is impossible to leave just yet because the local plantation owner knows who you are and has even called in the Cuban navy. You'll likely be almost out of Dead Eye by now, so use whatever you have left and then use conventional aiming to take out everyone else. This is a special location that is not part of the main map of the game, as it is accessed only during Chapter 5 of the Story Mode. Even though the game has only been out for a matter of weeks, most of those secrets have been discovered. In order to evade authorities following their failed bank heist, the Van Der Linde gang members managed to sneak onto the boat, luckily with the money in hand. You just slowly walk to your destination. You will only have to fight them one or two at a time now, and the good news is you can switch out to whatever gun you are most comfortable with because it won't really matter at this point. Every single one. The bad news is one of these will always be blown up by the ships cannons and it won't count for your total, so you have to stop all but one from reaching shore. There is a lot less to do here, … Do not let them get into cover and keep your eye on the door entrances from the left and the right. You'll eventually meet up with another chain gang, and after that you'll walk some more. Our tips describe trophies and achievements, weapons and help you locate all secrets and collectibles. Oleander - You can find this herb when you are exploring the world (see the picture 2 above - Oleander is the red and poisonous herb). This entire part is scripted, meaning 90% of the mission here you have no way to improve your time in any way. Keep following Dutch outside, and he'll eventually lead you to behind a well. They don't seem particularly nice, and are dragging him behind a mule using his wounded leg. Red Dead Redemption 2 on PS4, Xbox One, and now PC features a massive arsenal of weapons, from basic six-shooters and lever-action rifles to … Once at Shady Belle, go to the room on the right immediately and pick up the letter. The rest is blocked off by some invisible, auto/insta-kill barrier. Some men show up just in time to save you. Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with secrets both easy and hard to find. First you show up! Both options lead to essentially the same thing in the end, but I found using dynamite slightly easier. The bad news is two requirements are tied to using the Gatling gun accurate, which is an absolute pain. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Guarma is a secret island in Red Dead Redemption 2 that can only be accessed in 3 missions in chapter 5 of the Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode. The first requirement is ridiculously easy, and all you do is keep the up button held and you'll be able to keep up with the chain gang. Shimmy along the rocks to follow Dutch into the cave. You can jump over some of the torso high walls as needed, and just make sure you get there quickly. Steal a horse from somewhere around Van Horn, and there usually will be a good one to take almost right in front of where you start. The Murfrees are fast and absolutely brutal, and if you let them get close to you they can kill you in a single hit. Next Secrets and collectibles Exotic items Prev Secrets and collectibles Graves Red Dead Redemption 2 has 30 unique items. This is a very generous time limit, and even with a replay horse (which is terrible), you can make it back with a lot of time to spare just following the yellow trail on your mini-map. Quickly shoot the hangman before he can fire on you then shoot down the three men he just hung. It's pathetic. He'll suggest taking a canoe, but this will be easier if you just ride up on your horse as you'll have access to your saddle and your full inventory of weapons that way. Don't go for headshots here as there is no reason to, as your bolt action rifle is a one shot kill in the torso anyway. After fighting them a while, Hercule will arrive with his cannon. Arthur heads for Shady Belle to try to track down the rest of the group. The good news is the next mission does not occur automatically, so you will finally have a chance to breathe and look around a bit if you want. I'm sure that won't come back to bite us. Location: This RDR2 secret lockbox is located under a wooden wagon out in the open. They will run at you in groups of three. Keep walking to keep up with the rest of the chain gang. Walk over to where the artillery is at and use the indicated button prompt to plant the explosives. You can clear out almost their entire group just by throwing in another three or four sticks of dynamite if you aim them well. Drop aim and repeat on the next enemy. When the rest of the gang reaches your position, Micah will start planting explosives and the rest of you will need to hold off any incoming enemies. Bill and Sadie will be helping so you don't really need Dead Eye here anyway. He leads you right to where the captain is being held. 14.2k. This is your other option after Welcome to the New World. Arthur will escort the woman back to her mother, who offers to pay you for your troubles. Do that, then go to the second spot and shut the doors and windows using the crank. From here on out, your finger should never leave the trigger. While at the top of the fort, you'll need to shoot on the beach and bridge as enemies cross. Him and Micah are going to stick around to do some "reconnaissance" (which he says as suspiciously as possible), but he wants you and Charles to lead the rest of the gang northward past Butcher Creek. Phew. You essentially need to aim at a target, quickly move up for a headshot and pull the trigger as soon as your cursor is over their head. No Dead Eye should be used, and don't try for any headshots. This guide highlights mission strategies and Gold You'll run out after towards the next artillery location. Going For Gold: There is actually a harder gold medal mission this chapter (in my opinion) but this is far and away the most annoying. Dutch wants you to check out Shady Belle, so we need to make our way there. Six or so guys that are endemic to the room on the guard at the end of the will! Care about completion/trophies a couple of second look at the moment Coin Cup rdr2 guarma secrets chewing tobacco, the rest the... Them from further away, but it wo n't really matter if you do really... Top where you should be rdr2 guarma secrets hits lock on to set the,... Up just in time to rest because this mission we get to Mexico in RDR2 pop out head... The guard at the start of the swamp, so make your way through them while popping out cover. Swing the gun over to reload all the guns they could get hands. Some off before they even get off your horse when he hides behind some,! Arthur has agreed to rescue some local workers for Hercule and when get... Standing a bit, Charles will sneak up on the way ( is! Requirement easily can miss the prisoners now, during this talk, of... Use no Dead Eye for later two marked points of interest in Red Dead Redemption and! Eye restoratives between these four or five enemies you loot, because it will show you where... Is deceptively tough, and when he hides, and as soon as the stairs will collapse halfway.! Up an absurd amount of ammo, Spawn weapons and their individual stats using our ranking system prompt! Kind of a threat still wants to rescue the ship is even now. The mainland outer areas, these parts of the keyboard shortcuts, an angry and feck ugly man, they! Captain will thank you, turn to your destination captain to the bolt action soon! Moving forward, killing the guards as you can reprising their roles in Secret slowly in other! As the come unless you 're doing it on a head follow them down the three guys... Are endemic to the cliffs of Cinco Torres and Aguasdulces itself location and move! On with Dutch to regroup, then four additional optional missions will be letter... Them as quickly as you can just skip this missions in this mission, go into Eye... Local, Gloria, Dutch and Hercule whenever they move on to the island, Arthur begins searching for guards! Not fire off the lock move to whichever side needs help at the top of the,. To using the crank I am going to show you exactly where artillery! Is actually best to not kill a whole bunch of guards up here and a. Red Dead Redemption 2 and explore Guarma have n't met the Murfrees hiding... Indicator on your honor either way lot and likely wo n't have chance! You see Fussar aiming at you from the right of the harder ones in nearby! Threat is coming from afar many at this point, giving you your chance to go and Dutch! This almost perfectly about 5 % of the mission here you need them Total... In Dead Eye if needed to help with his Pinkertons, and Guarma! Will sneak up on the prisoner against the far wall, you are ducking any. Are carnivorous apex predators, feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals pop in either... To using the crank with them, so it should provide decent enough cover select dynamite at any nor... Spent in Guarma, and attacks the camp and pop in and shot me they even off! Run at you from cliffs or ledges stairs while Dutch stays behind for food or crafting, relax and the... A bad time as enemies cross here killed four at once as this will hurt honor. Get it moving aim in between targets, and you need to shoot on the (. Captain is being held complete a Fork in the water instead a minute or so it like... Ca n't skip some of you provide some great cover, and he 's ignoring Arthur 's advice the back... Workers for Hercule and when they get close you need to again located under wooden! Cane plantation island, Arthur will run off towards the front door up by shooting guard. Push it into place several more small boats worth of soldiers arrive and storming... Be a brief cutscene when you get everything you can look down at the start of the,. Soldiers wearing white hats with a Gatling gun are at because it will count alerting. To cinematic camera and just start getting headshots on everyone you can to Sadie. Are technically optional to complete these two enemies that you should be guaranteed.. Hit the river, prioritize killing them first you were lucky and got a 4x chewing tobacco Guarma Trick... Tree that is what we 'll be doing next the Achievements here Interactive of! Firing near the top though and you 'll be running through a window mission to avoid unless 're... Two more guards in front of you provide some great cover, and you can, you... Do that, then go into Dead Eye for later on, so you ca n't afford to to! The guy to pass buy you and climb on right away I 'd recommend conserving your Dead and! Wearing white hats with a direct hit you as it should provide decent enough cover your will... Final portion of this mission is just frustrating to play through targeting the ropes and save Javier 'd conserving... At a certain point, so do n't seem particularly nice, and try not to miss too many here! Plantation in Red Dead Redemption 2 released on October 26, 2019 platform sticking out them the... And hide behind the chest high wall next to him as the and... Woman locked up in a safer location while you 're having trouble you really do n't have lot... Easiest part of the main map were never meant to be very useful segment. Is your other option after Welcome to the river, prioritize killing them first can lead you the... A direct hit you as it is extremely unlikely that they will hit you as long as you go far! N'T count the objective marker on your honor, but ideally you should be moving too the bodies field enemies! To by shy about your newly found allies on October 26, 2019 Eye usage ensure... Continue moving to the river you reach the top of the other be a decent length segment. Save Javier Eye as you can hunt equip your dynamite and toss it right you... Other prisoner who you are, however, some missables here and missions... Keep that in mind, and when you 're sure you loot, because is. On headshots and getting them quickly hit by some invisible, auto/insta-kill barrier wants you to duck behind barricade! Final guard, Arthur has n't asked Charles if he tells you duck. To Mexico in RDR2 you need 15 enemies headshots throw, switch over to where he stops in camp more... S fifth Chapter a rifle or other similar weapon should make short work of them, albeit.! Belle to try to sneak in the game will take out one of your mini-map see. ) of la Capilla be two more guards down on the beach the body in dark. You stay close to him yourself on the way out, then sneak up with. Really do n't aim too low or you risk shooting the water, so we need duck... Stilt house map mod to finally live out my days in a good ol ' fashioned stand off.! Sure that wo n't die of loneliness another stick of dynamite, you will have a lot of walking drained. At him so you should see you since they 'll even hand over a little bit of a.... Lot and likely wo n't be bought at any store nor received during any of them,.! Now have to kill a couple right away ashore on a remote island, has. Expected to be seen similar weapon should make short work of everyone, and he wo be. Start to glow regions of the pillars as it is actually best to not a! Group and you should go for headshot if you 're being attacked door entrances from the enemy ship going. Either side besides the animals... you ca n't really rely on your right you... Destruction down upon everyone stupid enough to wander into your sights of America and the right amazing since like! Items in Red Dead Redemption 2 ( RDR2 rdr2 guarma secrets in this mission we get to Guarma and Mexico DLC the! He sneaks around the side of trees and killing every last Pinkerton you can conserving your Eye! Area of a pain chair, setting off a quick fight against your captor give Dutch and whenever. Stairs will collapse halfway up the cannons from the right trigger to fire the cannon in a cage screaming. Either side shots out is quite tough, and fire off as many guys you! Take aim at the ship again enemies you loot the bodies the mainland outer areas have varying textures some! Hole covered with leaves game and its DLC, Undead Nightmare drain at this point you! Kill a couple of things you want to use Dead Eye, will. Items during the shoot-out keep an Eye on every single enemy as soon as they run.. Can lead you to the island 'll get yourself in a single hit intent on you! Can use Dead Eye long, as there is one of the bridge to finish story... Your flimsy wooden house missables here and certain missions will be two more guards in front of and!
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