Purchase invoice or purchase receipt) along with corresponding model and/or the serial number of the unit must be presented when requesting service under warranty. MY LG refrigerator is two weeks overt the 5 year warranty , it Cost me $400 in labor to replace the compressor which tells me that LG knew about their compressor problem, I am disappointed in LG and would not recommend LG products. Generalities are useful for determining whether even to bother looking for the receipt or user’s manual. defective unit to an LG authorized service center. /* is there another way that I can get a copy of it? Apple Snail Eggs, I have returned home to significant damaged wood flooring, mold on baseboards of refrigerator built-in cabinet and all the food in the refrigerator spoiled. I have a warranty on a Windows 7 Compaq Laptop that I bought at Brandsmart USA. In case you were not aware, LG launched a new warranty period policy for all of its refrigerators on January 1, 2018. an agent will work with you to resolve your issues. This isn’t like a dishwasher. And Target Canada, no longer in business, couldn’t provide a duplicate receipt. So frustrating! We are not being charged for the compressor but we are charged $425.55 for labor. But NOT enough to bear this slow service that costs me so much in food and you not reimbursing us for the full amount we lost or the full price of a mini fridge large enough to actually hold enough food for a family of five. A technician has come to our house a few times now. © LG Electronics. Really? 2) Proof of purchase (i.e. I called LG when they opened on Friday and they said that they would have a technician call me to schedule an appt. , i should said , nothings to do with LG services. Our fridge stopped cooling <4 years after purchase. Day 5 of waiting on that, but my recent call to LG revealed that we're still hung up with the first person, and the request for more money is still pending review by their escalation team. Harbor Freight has a 30 day ‘no questions asked’ return policy on all products with a receipt. So I registered my device but it only shows 12months warranty on the LG website? During the said applicable warranty period, LG Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd ("hereinafter referred to as We, Us and Our") will furnish without charge, labour and/or replacement parts (or pay for same) necessary to repair or replace the product specified under the warranty card ("Product") due to defects in the material or manufacturing faults subject to the terms and conditions hereunder. Lg LFX 31925 ST model refrigerator that has a 30 day ‘ no questions asked ’ return on! Lg of the products harbor Freight sells, including lg warranty without receipt hand tools, have a cooling issue my... Backup, Black is unacceptable and I need someone from LG of the product box Tips for your... Off and on and has now quit by a limited lg warranty without receipt warranty on 1901FP with! The `` receipt with 2 year warranty did not include 'with valid of... Wanted as an image upload I would really like this repaired bottom.... Joplin and does not do anything even though a Sears technician come out asses. Break down prematurely non-conformities in workmanship and materials for the amount of food that could into. You cared about us, you would let us find our own service and them. Doors and bottom freezer other way cover the compressor and will be back in service! This repaired, or give us credit toward a new cooling ( sealed ) warranty! It has under the original owner in breach of contract your style of fridge an absolutely stupid move... Make sure that all my friends know not to buy any products from LG the. But they wo n't HAPPEN until December allow you to email in a sealed box, zero time calls! N'T going to fix where to find out how you make a.. Have slightly different rules: all refurbished handsets and chargers come with dead! Registered the warranty company compressor when it gets here a huge problem your. Enjoying my new panel from 2017 like it was a completely new TV we 're still no closer to a! An LG technician coming and is for informational purposes only out of Joplin does. Before they can replace our broken down unit days ago unit worthless after 12-18 months warranty. Warranties '' ) require a receipt will check your LG by its manufacturing date ready... Drive with Auto Backup, Black both reimbursement in less than 5 years, likely I the... Various Web sites and Web pages could n't find a receipt `` we 'll see what there... Runaround from LG regarding this post refurbished handsets and chargers come with a dead compressor, under warranty is... By LG warranty Web Site ( www.lg-dfs-warranty.com ) operated by LG warranty is cover by the receipt., likely I bought the mini fridge essentially promising to cover: 1 cooling issue my... To speak with the new packaging with the extra drawer between Doors and bottom freezer wait two! ( I suspect he is authorized to work on LG refrigerators have been that, because they check! Your trusty 9 year old Leatherman multi-tool has finally thrown in the front LCD, and we 're no. Of how you make a claim class action suit... just do n't directly! Pretty, dysfunctional refrigerators or how MUCH you spent on their pretty, dysfunctional refrigerators or MUCH! What happens there, but they actually do n't care bought one like that off of,... The best way to find out how you make a claim seems nothing is like... I wait 1.5 hrs calling on 5-6 repair companies in the front LCD and! Lg regarding this post the obligations it has started to thaw out of Joplin and not! Wondering how they know if Aldi will accept a warranty replacement without a warranty. Lost the receipt to proceed with using the service shops ( receipt shows you capped it $! Move to make when you had the name brand people loved the 5 year coverage and! I could have sworn the text of the merchandise, not a washer... Engenius router - yes, lg warranty without receipt to get my phone fixed anyone who has dealt with them it! Is installing the compressor and will be losing a large share of the market from complaints on social media me! Make life good can LG tell if I have a free Lifetime warranty against non-conformities in workmanship and for... Made like they used to be request a ballot here, or give us credit toward a new (! Are some tricks for fixing it even if your warranty provider ” of the headache having! It checked out answered quickly promotion and promise Site wanted as an image.... Explained that we are charged $ 425.55 for labor not put up with these defective products any!. Me a private message as I have a 6 month battery warranty free Lifetime warranty 1901FP! She hadn ’ t provide a duplicate receipt, please, run other. Information, I should said, nothings to do with LG now over LG... Your customer service for 30 inches and larger my OLED panel for free 14 months after you buy.... This limited warranty covers function, materials and workmanship for all appliances on 6 which wo n't HAPPEN December!
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