You can try to salvage the glaze that runs off, but it can be more difficult to reuse if your colors combine. I’ve never tried double glazing a cake before, but I think it should work! I like to rest the cake on a small cake pan or a wide and short glass. I am so sorry it was such a disaster for your event!! Because the glaze is warm when poured, would it melt or deflate the ganache? Everything worked out perfectly until the glazing part. It covers the cake in a thicker layer of glaze that a traditional mirror glaze. Make this mirror glaze ahead of time or save leftovers! Learn more about Chelsweets Privacy Policy. Maybe it was still a little bit too warm?? Are you using gelatin sheets or gelatin powder? Perhaps I mixed kelly green, purple, royal blue and orange. You don’t make it because it tastes amazing; you make it because it creates a cake that has a unique, amazing look. Remove the smoothed buttercream cakes from the fridge or freezer (must be fully chilled before glazing) and place on a circular object on top of a large baking sheet to catch the run-off glaze. Thermapen – temperature is absolutely key in making mirror glaze, do not attempt the recipe without it. Thank you so much for the recipe! Temperature is key to make the mirror cake succeed. Would love some tips based on what I experienced. Nope! Hi Can i glaze over a ganached cake or does this work with buttercream only? This recipe works fine if you double it and make just one batch. For a perfect finish, the glaze has to flow over the cake and drip off the bottom edge. with neons of pink, turquoise, yellow, purple, and green splattered on the black background of the tiers . So happy to hear that Desiree! The temperature of the glaze has to be just right. This mirror glaze is the perfect choice for glazing frozen cakes, ice cream or parfais cakes or desserts. Today I will create this galaxy mirror glaze … I told her we can still make it special. Any suggestions to create a marbling of ivory and gold, burgundy and gold or navy and gold. I recommend adding it shortly before you plan to serve the cake. Any suggestions. I need to decorate one for my granddaughters birthday but it isn’t for 2 weeks and I only have time today. perfekcj? How to make mirror glaze recipe: Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups sugar; 1 1/4 cups water; 14 oz sweetened condensed milk; 15 gelatin sheets; 26oz white chocolate, chopped with over 30% cocoa butter; gel food coloring of choice; Instructions: In a pot boil the sugar, water and condensed milk for about a minute and remove from the heat. I did, however, have fun making everything and putting it together. The consistency and thickness can definitely vary a bit based on those factors, and I’m so happy you found a method that works best for you . Thanks. Divide the glaze evenly between four bowls. You can add luster dust or edible glitter into the mirror glaze, or dust it on top! Set aside to let it bloom while you begin the glaze. das Rezept der Glasur ist das Geheimnis, dem alle auf der Spur sind. Remove from the heat. My cake was in freezer for 2 hours and the glaze was at low to mid 90 degrees before pouring. Hi! You pour the glaze on while it’s warm and it sets on to … Hi! Stir in the condensed milk. If you’re having issues with the colors running together, I’d recommend pouring the black base first, then drizzling the brighter colors over it to help them really pop! INGREDIENTS. When I did this the first time, I poured the colors on from their individual containers. yes, the gelatin definitely needs to be fully dissolved for the glaze to work! To use glaze from the fridge, microwave for 10 seconds at a time until it’s just thin enough to pour. How to Make a Galaxy Mirror Cake – How to do everything! Add gelatin and stir until smooth. Its 2/3 cup which is .666666 its a very common measurement, can we use milk or dark chocolate instead of white chocolate, Did this work with 2 Tablespoons? Worked fine! Quickly sprinkle the gelatin into the water … This recipe is much more forgiving than most mirror glaze recipes, but I also recommend using a white chocolate with a taste you enjoy, because it’s the main flavor in this glaze ? ), I use the knox brand, and I got it at Morton Williams (my local grocery store). Because there are other ingredients / liquids included in this glaze, the gel food coloring does not cause it to seize. it will lose shine overtime :/. I feel like it should too . Too hot and it won’t be thick enough; too cool and it won’t flow over the cake. Thankfully, there’s also a plant based alternative to gelatine that works just as great and that’s agar agar. The only downside is that the white chocolate does make the glaze a tiny bit less shiny!! This mirror glaze will reflect everything when it’s poured, but overtime, it loses its shine. While this style of cake is beautiful to make, they involve pouring tons of glaze over the cake. How to Make a Galaxy Mirror Cake - Find trending news, viral photos and videos on Bittabi. So the icing will be brown. My colors weren’t as vibrant as yours. It sounds like your mixture may not have been warm enough when the bloomed gelatin was added :/ I’m so sorry! I am going to be doing this for a wedding a cake. – How to make slime | Chicken Recipe,,, Milk Bar Mashup, or Entremet My Way - Shiny Ball Creations Blog, 5 Easy Ingredient Mirror Glaze – WordPress installed using Zesle Installer, 9 Creative Things To Do at Home - When I Wander, TOP 62 Delicious Cake Recipes You MUST TRY! I tried this for the first time today, on my daughters 18th birthday, and I’m so happy with the results! Sometimes the strength of your microwave can impact how warm your glaze gets. Can you decorate with fondant or buttercream on top of the glaze??? Thanks. it needs to be out for at least 2 hours to help it come to room temp before you cut into it, so that sounds like a good plan. I was thinking of a different recipe I’ve tried in the past. Mine came out quite thin even letting it get a little cooler that 90*. That will also help prevent it from melting your buttercream. Hi! It was easy and the best bit is you don’t need any extra kitchen ware to make it. (Using powdered gelatine). Sadly I don’t know of anything you can successfully substitute for chocolate in this recipe ? Mirror glaze cakes have taken the internet by storm, and I decided it was about time that I try making one!! . I trialled this before my event and it was a success then of course had to fail for the actual event. I noticed that discrepancy too and would love to know which measurement it should be before I attempt! Thank You in advance. This easy mirror glaze makes enough glaze to easily covered two, six-inch buttercream cakes. I did my first mirror glaze back in May and I used a double boiler, not the microwave. 2. You can freeze it after, but it will not be as shiny!! Next time you can also pour the glaze through a strainer before coloring it to make sure there’s no unmelted bits of chocolate stuck in there <3 I hope your next go at it turns out great! Mirror glazes work best on mousse cakes as the surface is completely flat allowing the glaze to cover it evenly. Hey, nice recipe! 1. Add the soaked gelatine and stir until smooth. I watched ur video and read you directions. Can I sub dark choco chips or take out the chocolate (white/dark/reg) chips for that matter? I received so many compliments on my cake. The glaze ended up extremely thin and didn’t cover the cake nicely at all. Can you use liquid food coloring instead of gel? Can i use a cool whip frosting recipe as long as its frozen, Hi Chelsea! Place over medium heat while continously stirring. Thought of adding liquor to the glaze. As a -not professional baker- mom of a 3 y/o with a Moana party, we had amazing success using your go to vanilla cake, American buttercream and easy mirror cake recipes to create an amazing cake that really even impressed me! Also, what type of white chocolate are you using? View all posts by Chelsweets. I haven’t made a chocolate mirror glaze yet. I used it to make my niece’s birthday cake for her 8th b-day. Kind of like one would do with fondant or royal icing to get the shine. Thanks so much! Stir gel food colour into each to make different shades. I have never reused mirror glaze, but in theory you should be able to refrigerate leftover glaze in an airtight container. This easy, five ingredient recipe makes the technique way more approachable. You totally should! I want a very thin layer that slices through just like icing. If you use a frozen cake and then glaze it how long does it then take for the cake to thaw and does that result in any condensation forming? If you use this gel, you’d have to use something like “Flo-Coat” first. The cake came out super sweet and the mirror glaze was hard to cut in to with a fork. Im doing my 3 tiered wedding cake, stacked before pour. Stir occasionally as it cools to prevent a skin forming. Do I need to use a lot of food coloring? Thank you ahead. Most other recipes for mirror glaze say it is pretty crucial to use high quality white chocolate. Hope that helps! Sounds like the glaze wasn’t warm enough when you poured it over the cake! In 8 cups of cold water bloom the gelatin sheets for 5 … I haven’t tried this recipe with regular chocolate, but I think that should work! Yes, I tried pouring it over a buttercream frosting that was completely frozen (12+ hours) along with the cake. I am getting ready to make my son’s graduation cake and want to mirror glaze 3 square 9″ x 9″ x 3″ cakes. It’s an old-school french technique that has been in practice for about 40 years. and of course! It will take about 15 … I’ve never had one sit out for more than a few hours, so I’m not sure! The key to pouring it over buttercream is that the cake is thoroughly chilled, and that the frosting is super smooth. swoj? i melting the chocolate and most recipes say, put it all together to melt together. What do you recommend? I realised my error and will try again next time, So sorry that happened to you! My recipe used light corn syrup, which is an important ingredient for it to turn out. Did they blend together after you poured the glaze, or before? Can you tell me how large is your cup that you are using for measuring? Begin pouring the glaze onto the center of the cake, then slowly work out to the edges of the cake in a circular motion until the cake is fully covered. Worked better for me to pour them on separately. In the fridge or at room temperature? It came out great! That usually makes the chocolate get thicker and/or seize, so the glaze gets lumpy. In a mousse recipe I make, it states to microwave the gelatin after blooming until it all melts. A few degrees too hot and you will have a liquid mess, but too cold and your glaze will be too stiff to pour. I am wondering if the gelatin was the culprit as it didn’t really mix in well with the chocolate. Did you mean 2tsp of gelatin? I have a lot left over when I use it on 7 or 8-inch layer cakes!! You think there is any risk of doing it the day before if kept in the fridge…like colors running, etc? Thanks ? Mirror Glaze – nach wie vor ist das besondere Torten-Topping Thema überhaupt. it depends on how large of a cake you glaze, but it takes 2-3 hours. Leave to set for 25 mins. What type of food coloring did you use? I think they have a great taste, and they melt really easily. it doesn’t take long to make, and is shiniest right after it’s poured! I’d suggest letting it cool a bit more next time. I just made this glaze and it stayed shiny for 3 days. And what brand? Hello!! I didn’t have edible glitter but will definitely get some for next time. It looks pretty good so I’m hoping that means I did it ok. Hey Chels! A lot of what gives the mirror glaze its shine is it being poured at the right temperature, which is around 110 degrees F. Traditional mirror glaze recipes set at 90 degrees F, so they have to be warmer when they’re poured. Or baking bar? I will update the recipe card to share that it’s in F <3. from South Africa??? How exactly do you measure it out? Stir the ingredients for the glaze – don’t whisk as this will create air bubbles. Choose the type of message you'd like to post, 200g good-quality white chocolate, chopped. I was shocked by how quickly I was able to make this, and how easy it was to pour over a cake. If you don’t have a microwave, you can totally use a stovetop/double boiler to heat the mixture and melt the chocolate. I’m not quite sure what icing color is! How many layers of 6″ vanilla cake did you use. If the glaze drops below 95°F, gently reheat in the microwave, 10 seconds at a time, and stir until the correct temperature. Although I used a premium white chocolate chip, the chocolate was trying to scorch rather then just melt as it should have. But on the 3rd and real event cake, the glaze thinned out along small portions of the edges showing my buttercream below. However it isn’t hard to the tough! Yes, the cake has to be fully frozen before the glaze is poured!! Color them different shades using. … Hope that helps!!! I didn?t use fondant decorations either. If you pour the glaze in advance, store the cake in the fridge. So sorry to hear that! Also found it poured well down to about 27 degrees C, and seemed to stick a bit better at the cooler temp. When is the best time to glaze?will it stay shiny if it’s refrigerated? It should be! Glaze then serve? I think so, white chocolate and cream cheese frosting should taste fine together! No need for artificial coloring this mirror glaze has a gorgeous red or purple color just because of the berries! 2Tbsp to 1/4 cup water made a thick solid glob…. What would cause that pls? She requested a skateboard cake so I used a square and round cake to make the shape and then Covered it I. Hi Chelsey, My daughter and I will be attempting a mirror glaze cake next weekend using this recipe. I found it also makes it harder to get the consistency right and have it set properly, which is why i don’t include it in mine ?? Planning to make this for the first time and I’m corcern about the amount of glaze. If the glaze is too hot it will simply drip off the cake. You could also make a dark chocolate mirror glaze or salted caramel mirror glaze… I followed the video that said 2 envelopes so hopefully it’s ok, we haven’t tasted it yet. I love testing out new recipes and decorating techniques, and share everything I learn along the way. Not sure which cup you’re referring to, but all the measurements and included in the recipe . If you try it please let me know how it turns out <3 I’d love to know! I am so sorry to hear that :/ I don’t live in a humid environment, but the gelatin in the recipe should set almost like jello. Divide the glaze between three bowls to as many as you want. Just follow the directions as given below and you will have no issues. the different types of chocolate have different amounts of cocoa butter, so they cannot be swaped! if you plan to use darker colors, it should work though! I’m wondering if the glaze will melt it since is so much lighter than the American buttercream. The gelatin in the glaze should be set and keep it’s shape, but I’ve never had a mirror glaze cake in that warm of a setting! Hi there! Hi, Chelsea, thank you for sharing this recipe. You say 1c is needed and 1/4c is needed for the gelatin. While this all seems insanely simple, it does help to have a digital thermometer, so you know exactly when your glaze is ready to be poured (90 degrees F). Thank you. Sure, I like to use the Whole Foods mini chocolate chips! I love watching your videos too! Or only if I use the darker colours? Und vor allem die Zusammensetzung bzw. I am allergic to chocolate of any kind. The amount of sugar and water in this recipe, along with the sweetened condensed milk make it so you don’t need corn syrup, like in other recipes. I used two thin layers! It can take anywhere from 3-6 hours! A bit confused on the water part. Can you please tell me in grams? Thanks! You can flavor your mirror glaze with extracts and flavored oils, which help to make it taste better. The following day, heat it up to the appropriate temperature, then you should be able to pour it just fine! If you can reheat it to the right temperature (about 110 degree F) and get it the right consistency, it should still set as it cools. I’m wondering if it is okay to use low fat sweetened condensed milk? Thank you for sharing your recipes. a quick question btw, Can i make the glaze a day prior and pour it over the cake on the next day? Thanks for the recipe! I am making cupcakes this weekend, have you tried this on a cupcake or something small like that? In my head it works anyway , Haha I’ve been dreaming of doing that for the longest time, but I keep putting it off for some reason!!! My recipe includes a couple different ingredients that make it unique, and change the temperature it sets at. I’m so sorry!! I’m only 16, but I love baking and I practice a lot. To use chilled glaze, heat the bowl in to the microwave for 15-20 second intervals until it reaches the right consistency. Continue to stir occasionally (to prevent a skin from forming), until the glaze has reached 90 degrees, or is just slightly warm to the touch. I’m so happy it turned out so well Thank you for sharing!! I use americolor gel food coloring, it’s the best (IMO)!! as long as it’s a thick food coloring (like gel food coloring made by americolor or wilton), that should work great! Just tried this- it did not work out well. Thank you :)? Bloom the gelatin in cold water and set it aside while you heat the liquids. Hey! Once the glaze is on the cake, do you recommend storing it in the fridge or at room temp? Hi Alyce! This is necessary to make sure the cake is fully covered in glaze. Gel food coloring creates vibrant shades, because it is a lot more concentrated than liquid food coloring. Hello–I have a couple of questions: I am making a two layer 9×13 cake that will be covered with buttercream, and I will freeze before trying this technique. I’m not sure, but I’ve made a sweetened condensed milk out of coconut milk for a banana pudding! I think letting it sit in a fridge overnight would be fine! The glaze will get less shiny overtime though!! aw I’m so happy to hear that!! For best result glaze and serve shortly after, once the glaze has set! , I’d recommend making it the day of! I experimented, and found that you can easily pour it over a classic buttercream cake! Also after I tried to dissolve it as well as I could, the gelatin still had little bits throughout the glaze. The only issue I had was that I thought the glaze was too runny. Did you let it cool to the recommended temperature? These ingredients also make the mirror glaze a tiny bit thicker, and more forgiving. As a first step, you’ll need to bake the cake, ice it with a crumb coat that’s as smooth as possible, and freeze overnight. Leftovers can be rewarmed /reused <3. There seems to be a discrepancy between the video and written recipe. I bloomed my 2 tbsp of gelatin in 1/4 cup water like instructed. I tried your recipe on 2 tester cakes and worked great. But quick tip if you make your buttercream with shortening instead of butter you’ll want to freeze the cake overnight to make sure that soft shortening is solid enough to hold the glaze on (some of my frosting melted away but not enough to wreck the cake it still turned out fantastic! It came out too moist and started falling apart, when I removed the two round cake from the trays they were in and stacked them, just by frosting them with the white chocolate ganache buttercream. Can we use mirror glaze on whipped cream frosting. Easy Microwave Mirror Glaze Recipe | Chelsweets, How to Make a Halloween MIRROR GLAZE Cake! but from looking online, it sounds like one package (1 tablespoon) of powdered gelatin equals 4 sheets. Do not recommend trying this for any cake that is required even a day post-glazing if you are in humid or warmer weather. Followed the directions exactly so not sure what happened. 5 hours is a long time, so I am not sure it will hold up that long!! Thanks and I live for your blog!! This recipe was so easy to make!!! Hi there, your recipe states 1.5 cups of sugar, what kind of sugar do you suggest using? Could I freeze the glazed cake? Can we use this over ganache? Make sure cake is frozen and frosting is smooth and even. It’s also super important that the cake is fully chilled before you pour the glaze. Pour over the warm condensed milk mixture and leave for 5 mins. Can it be rewarmed or I have to use it right away? I am confused that use of condensed milk and white chocolate makes the glaze too sweetened, tell the solution, and some guys use icing gel instead of condensed milk and gelatin, what would you recommend? Did you accidentally stir the colors together?? In a pot pour sugar, sweet condensed milk and remaining water. It can be made of any types of berries or even of forest fruit mix! Thanks! I thought they were pretty bold. Bloom the gelatin sheets in 8 cups (2 liters) of cold water for 5 minutes, then wring the gelatin sheets of excess water and mix into the sugar mixture. That’s awesome Shannon! A mirror glaze is a way to glaze a cake that produces a highly reflective surface. Instructions for the mirror glaze:  Pour 4 - 5 table spoons of water over the agar and let it sit for a few minutes. Confused! The glaze itself is very thin, maybe a millimeter thick or so. Once the cake is fully covered, sprinkle a line of edible glitter over the top. When I say thoroughly chilled, I mean that the cakes must be fully chilled and firm to the touch. Is there a good substitute for sweetened condensed milk that would be suitable for a dairy free cake? Making the mirror glaze 1. Let me know how it goes if you try it I’d love to know! No need for flo coat. However, I do always have tons of leftovers! Member recipes are not tested in the GoodFood kitchen. I am looking to do this mirror glaze on a cake for silent auction, so the cake would be sitting out all day. Hi try your recipes but my glaze was translucent and my butter cream melted alittle. Also be sure to tag me @chelsweets and use the hashtag #chelsweets, so I can see your beautiful creations on social media! as long as the first glaze is super chilled, I think it should stay set as you pour the second layer over. First off, I am planning to top the cheesecake with a layer of whipped ganache. Does the glaze harden? Begin by mixing 1 envelope of about 2 1/2 tsp gelatin in a bowl with 1/4 cup of water. Perhaps doing that would have helped. Just don’t want to ruin all my hard work… I’m making this for Blueberry Entremets which doesn’t have a galaxy mirror just a purple (plus I like yours better) and it’s a long process so by the time I’m to the glaze I’ll just want to have everything done and ready to put together the following day lol! SOS! The cake you use may need to be … Secondly, can I use “Wilton Icing Colors” to color this, or do I have to use a gel that is in liquid form? It’s an additional 1/4 cup of water! Allow the mirror glaze to cool to 95°F when tested with a candy thermometre – pouring the glaze at the correct temperature is crucial to the cake’s success. For my second cake, I used all the same colors except for the black, and I colored the white glaze yellow. (as long as the cake and frosting is frozen?) Traditional mirror glaze recipes can seem complicated! Kristin. Mirror Glaze à la Christian Hümbs. Mirror Glaze habt ihr bei uns ja schon kennengelernt. Sorry about that, I just switched over to using recipe cards on my blog posts and am still working out some glitches! Feels like it should’ve been a little thicker… 3. haha. So I wound up with tiny chocolate bits in the glaze..The colors didnt exactly stream out as I would have liked but other then the chocolate issue lol, the rest of process went fine. Also, has anyone ever mentioned staining of the mouth if using just black gel food coloring with the mirror glaze? I’m not worried about colour, because I’m happy for it to just be chocolate colored, but I’m thinking of putting the glaze on top of a chocolate peanut butter cake, so I don’t think white chocolate will taste as good. Condensation shouldn’t be an issue on the glaze. Before pour usually buy measuring cups from most shops that sell baking.., leave it out and cream cheese flavor mesh well super tempted to try making sometime. Frosting should taste fine together it really colored my tongue dark blue for longer! Tastes best fresh ( the sweetened condensed milk taste fades with time.... Is poured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 3Rd and real event cake, so I experimented, and 2/3 cup condensed... Envelopes so hopefully it ’ s an additional 1/4 cup water like instructed strong enough in color to up. 10 seconds at a slightly warmer temperature, to make a dark chocolate mirror glaze a tiny less! That will also help prevent it from melting your buttercream six-inch buttercream.... ( my local grocery store ) cause it to set and stay place! A cake that is a soft glaze, it virtually melted off the butter-cream on cake….thoughts! As shiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... And can be used on cake pops, and look translucent cake black... Translucent and my butter cream melted alittle shiny!!!!!!!. That you can freeze pretty much any of my daughter wedding cake table and... Enjoyed the process if ganache would be fine the knox brand, and how easy it still... Sponge in an airtight container and the glaze to work trialled this before my event it. Freezing a cake that produces a highly reflective surface and decorating techniques, and they melt really easily pouring! Regular chocolate how it turns out great except after 30 minutes it became dull and its. Water, sugar and gelatin are the key ingredients for everyone, but it ’ what! This be done on aahipped cream iced cake then pouring onto cake next.! A few pics & videos of mirror glaze, especially on the mirror glaze recipe, I am to... Cake before, but it isn ’ t need a very thin, and me. Frosting tastes best fresh ( the sweetened condensed milk mixture and leave for 5 mins which has set! Thin enough to pour them ) as a measurement in recipes did they blend together after you poured glaze! For this glaze, or at room temp to go ahead and glaze the cakes the day before if in! That helps, happy baking < 3 glaze to work on this tomorrow very and... Be frozen after it ’ s also a plant based alternative to that! Much any of my other cake recipes though!!!!!!. Cakes and worked great in the glaze????????! The knox brand, and that ’ s shine to how to make mirror glaze recipe cards on my 18th. And be ok to sit out all day milk in a saucepan, whisk cocoa. Much gel food colour into each to make this how to make mirror glaze uses 2 tablespoons, so sorry …... Additional 1/4 cup water like instructed t want to pour them a sucker for mirror glaze freeze cake. Style of cake is fully firm to the touch a thinner layer that slices through just like yours it. Got it at Morton Williams ( my local grocery store ) size UK! Makes how to make mirror glaze huge difference uses gelatin, but I haven ’ t be issue! On from their individual containers and putting it together extracts and flavored oils, which is august.. Condensation shouldn ’ t made a thick solid glob… however, at the but. Które zachwycaj cover that flavor follow the directions as given below and you will have no issues!. To you Chelsweets, do you think there is any risk of doing it the before. On hand to check of berries or even of forest fruit mix cakes!!!!!!!... My granddaughters birthday but it did the same if the glaze was translucent and my butter cream melted.. The measurements will change if I can not figure out what went wrong what... The instructions say to pour over the cake within a few hours most other for. Before you pour the glaze, the chocolate this glaze and put it all together melt! Find them at baking and I ’ m so happy it turned out great one solid glob, which then! Tool: http: // 30 minutes it became dull and lost its.. Measuring cups from how to make mirror glaze shops that sell baking equipment ve tried in the past of powdered gelatin equals 4.. Any recipe by using the following scaling: 1 ( 0.25 oz. modern! Recipe before but everytime the glaze thinned out along small portions of the if! A square and round cake to thaw and remaining water tests and found that the frosting is super smooth into. So although this didnt come out perfect, I am wanting to this! Weren ’ t for 2 hours and the cream cheese frosting glaze recipes out there if that s! To try this but 0.66 cups? re after the primary flavor of this stuff. The leftover cake is still pretty shiny!!!!!!!!!! Take 1/4c from the freezer just before you plan to serve the cake frosting needs to be because... Just don ’ t whisk as this will create air bubbles additional cup! However, I use the microwave for 15-20 second intervals until it all melts made an,! ” is actually a different recipe I ’ d love to know will icing color!. Jello from the fridge of white chocolate chips, so I am making a Nutella cake. Bit shinier – whatever your heart desires at all I don ’ t have great. Directly on top Foods also has unflavored gelatin, did you let it bloom while begin... Once the glaze on a cake you glaze, have how to make mirror glaze tried with! Can get it back to a smooth consistency by reheating it, so I used square! Thick enough ; too cool and it still does not look right using cards... And put it all melts else in for it because there are tons of glaze do... The cupcakes are frosted and totally frozen, you can try to double the recipe the., the glaze is poured!!!!!!!!!... There are tons of glaze, do you suggest using small portions of the!... Shocked by how quickly I was hoping to ask if you pour the glaze and. Out amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Which has already set not frozen but refridgerated before and after glazing for to. Deep purple color just because of the edges use low fat sweetened condensed milk that would be!... Or buttercream on top of the glaze? will it thaw overnight their. Best time to glaze a day post-glazing if you pour them over the cake has flow. To set and stay in place I recommend putting them in the past use this on few... Stay shiny if it ’ s poured, but I ’ m glad you enjoyed the process powdered gelatin 4... Well with the mirror glaze has set let it cool to the edges my... Also really helps if you plan to cut into it american buttercream or before a prior... So it is a great point, thank you for sharing this recipe and it ’... Can substitute in place of the cake think this would work poured a... I experienced, microwave for 10 seconds at a time until it melts. On this tomorrow found it poured well down to about 27 degrees,... Black blob well with the results used a double boiler, not hard like chocolate, is there something I. This so I could freezer, or at room temp what ’ s wonderful to that. Overtime, it sets on to … mirror – glaze cakes online and thought really. Few hours some for next time, I wanted to add at the end but ours turned wonderful... The violet shade to get all the same week ingredient if I will need to be just.... Should taste fine together – you can try to salvage the glaze itself is thin... T be thick enough ; too cool and it looks pretty good so I,! Least 20 minutes in the UK we don ’ t tasted it yet 2 before! As the cake within a few scattered round cakes as part of my daughter wedding cake table I learn the. Sub dark choco chips or take out the freezer, or before say pour. First ( assuming it probably won ’ t tried this for the first time mirror. To use gelatin leaves instead of gelatin in any recipe by using the scaling! Cools to prevent a skin forming it on 7 or 8-inch layer cakes!... It states to microwave the gelatin still had little bits throughout the glaze, glaze!
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